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Bodhaka Irugal Bandara is a meditation instructor, life coach, and business turnaround coach. Since 2009, he has been working with business organisations of all sizes and maturity  helping employees and teams cope with personal and professional problems.

As such, he is helping business organisations improve their teams’ performance and commitment to their jobs while, at the same time, helping team members find a stable work-life balance and grow professionally by means of effective meditation practices.


Born in Kurunegala Sri Lanka in 1976, Bodhaka was one of those children who prefer solitude over spending time in childish pursuits. He would spend time away from company and was often found meditating or pondering deep questions about the human mind. This led for him to study the respected meditation texts in his tender years.

By the time he turned 9, he was already spending a few hours of his day practicing meditation with his grandfather, who was a committed Buddhist and followed the philosophy and practices of meditation as a code of life.

He started visiting gurus to acquire knowledge of the human mind and soul in their presence. He soon realised what he was learning in his grandfather’s and gurus’ company could become his own calling in life. He found himself attracted to the idea of becoming a yogi -- a master of Eastern meditation techniques.


However, as years passed by, and life did not follow the course he wanted it to, Bodhaka’s passion for learning the arts of meditation and other techniques with the singular aim to helping people through painful experiences and finding their potential in life became a dream of the past.

Although he moved to Australia in 1999 with the aim to study various meditation techniques and started giving time to Kundalini Yoga, Chinese Chi Kung, and Eckankar, he was hard pressed to focus on college and making money instead.

He went back to formal education and completed a Graduate Diploma in Management and then finished a Master’s degree in Information Systems at Central Queensland University, Australia.

He was taking care of his responsibilities but was trapped in the vicious cycle of routine, unable to break free. Thinking about his dreams became an exercise of leisure―something he would sparingly find with work and studies.


By mid-2000s, Bodhaka was finishing his studies and working. He felt he would be stuck in this routine for the next few years, but, then, he came across a major and unexpected change he was not ready for.

It was more of a realisation, a lost soul coming home, that, in his attempts to follow tradition, he was going away from his talents and passion for coaching. He realised it was time for him to find his way back to what he was destined to be.

In 2008, he returned to his homeland of Sri Lanka to focus entirely on self-evaluation and some much needed soul-searching. He was going through this confusion as a person goes through depression. So, he knew he had to treat himself.

He put to use his skills of self-help practices and modern personal development exercises and started working on something that would become his biggest service to the world.


During his stay in Sri Lanka, Bodhaka worked on a strategy to turn his passion into a valuable business. Over the years, as he had learned more and more about the current problems people in general are facing around the world, he realized how people did at the workplace fundamentally affected their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

This sounded like great place to start with. With his own years of training and meditation practices, Bodhaka was now in an extraordinary position to develop something new.

Thus, the Banda Method was born.

The program was built to give its participants the ability to choose a certain attitude towards stress and its causes instead of doing unnecessary and fruitless worrying or shutting oneself away from the world.

The Banda Method, which is now a leading program in Bodhaka’s professional stress coaching plan for the workplace, is Bodhaka’s own invention and a remarkable combination of meditation and exercises aimed at liberating its practitioners from stress and self-doubt.

With this program, Bodhaka helps his clients learn to meditate, relax their mind and body to cut down on active stress. The program continues to guide you to remove negative emotions and not hold on to grudges. You get to learn to identify stress agents in your life and how to render them useless.

The program is designed for the modern professional and is often conducted in groups of up to 30 members.


One of the great lessons Bodhaka himself learned while he was in Sri Lanka for a year was that he could turn his life-long ambition of life coaching, meditation teaching, and professional guidance into the primary source of income. It was something he couldn’t shake off and, once the Banda Method ready, he realised it was time to put this plan in action and do what he loves for a living.

Bodhaka has since worked on a number of areas for his own personality growth and helped many organisations in the Melbourne area get his program for their teams, where it brought positive results beyond anybody’s expectations.

He is the author of a number of publications and books that are focused on meditation and stress management techniques for professionals working in high-stress environments.

As an advocate of social work, Bodhaka regularly volunteers for Sustainable Mission and gives free meditation classes to the members of the platform.

Bodhaka now has over 30 years of experience in Buddhist meditation, which is what he used to develop his own programs for the modern professional.

In his free time, he likes to meditate, listen to soothing music, and read





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