Dear Friend;

I have a plan to change Sri Lanka inside out by changing peoples self esteem. would you help me on that mission. with healthy self esteem they will be on growth mindset; and continue to develop themselves in every area of their life. as they discover their true power and potential they will not be easily manifulated or pooled. 

in  1999 I came to Australia and sart to do research whats it like to be a developed country. To keep openmindness I had to challenge my every core beliefs, assumptions and I had to work on my self esteem in the first place. I still continue to do this research and develop tools to help Sri Lankans and people around the world. 

Yes main problem in Sri Lanka is weeknesess in Public Policy and Political Leadership. I even developed the development framework and sample public policy. but i could not sell this to public successfully because they can not grasp what possible. Only option is work on peoples self esteem and their attitude and equip them with necessary tools in planning and decesion making. develop their leadership and enterprenurial skills.

at this point I don't see any other solution. its going to be lengthy work like running a marrathon but I am up to it. but I need your help with donation and volunteering 


Project Name: Plan your life create your destiny


Project Purpose: Facilitate personal and social transformation by Changing personal self esteem and social steam


Look, I know you're tired of all the promises that experts make.

I know you're sick of the strategies that don't work nearly as well as "they" say.

So many people are giving you advice today, that you feel it's almost impossible to know who to trust, right?


So with that in mind, I've created a 36-hour training and  Coaching Sessions which changes the industry forever.

  • Stop stress
  • Stop Drug Addiction
  • Stop self sabotage
  • Stop Undermining Yourself


Stop Complaining


  • No Money to Invest
  • Haven’t had good parents
  • Haven’t had good education
  • Don’t have supportive people
  • Don’t have good employees
  • I am afraid
  • Rich people are bad, they go to hell
  • Only criminals can get rich
  • Economy and politics are bad
  • I am not lucky
  • My horoscope is bad


 Top 12 Benefits

  1. Develop healthy self -esteem and confidence, able to take criticism and able to develop growth mindset as Individuals as well as community
  2. Learn to understand strengths, develop them and achieve what set to achieve
  3. Have life purpose, goals and plans and achieve them
  4. Develop strategies to overcome weaknesses
  5. Develop ethics and be a confident, happy and feel good about yourself
  6. Recognize opportunities career and business and earn lots of money by making peoples life convenient, happy and feel good, healthy, wealthy, ….
  7. Energized your passion, stay motivated
  8. Be resilient in difficult time
  9. Create better life for yourself, your loved one, and make them proud
  10. Be a high productive person and produce more results
  11. Learn to handle bullying and unpleasant situation
  12. Cultivate, and feel love and compassion



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